Forex Master Class

Discover an easy way to trade and earn a fortune from the global financial market, with very little or no skills and yet, without losing your sleep!

About Us

Modern skills academy is a global brand of over a decade, helping more than 20,000 newbies become a superstar trader using world class trading techniques.

Our trainings and courses are uniquely designed for everyone to understand, simple to apply and rewarding when applied. 

We believe a good understanding of any business is a major requirement for success and that’s why we have created more successful traders in the last 5 years than anyone else.

Why Choose Us

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Live access to our course materials worth over $1,045

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Access to our live trading sessions, where you are almost sure of making money, your experience not withstanding

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100% access to our mentorship page for free

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Access to our trading signals for free. The value is $50 monthly subscription

Client Testimonials

The forex training and live trading is of great quality and very impactful to me personally, especially the various unique strategies that guarantee more wins. I do appreciate all the efforts.
Anthony Ileje
My name is Deborah Kiri and I'm a financial analyst and a realtor. I attended Modern Skills Academy way back in 2018/2019 and since then it's impact has forever changed my life as a whole. First is in trading; then in my financial life to every aspect. My trading psychology improved when I joined this amazing academy. My risk management as well as trading style. Special strategies and trading secretes were exposed to us as student back then and that was a game changer for me. I will recommend Modern Skills Academy to anyone willing to be mentored and thought on how to become a successful trader. This is a no brainer, it's more than an academy but a place to be.
Deborah Kiri
"Even though I have always been an advocate of a salary paid job, I have secretly envied those who got paid on skills. The moment I had to opportunity to choose one, I did not hesitate to choose Forex Trading. I did a few research about getting started and even read some online materials but got no quality knowledge due to lack of guidance. A friend introduced me to an Academy, MODERN SKILL ACADEMY, a Lagos based Forex Trading Academy where I started my Forex journey. Most persons around me see Forex trading as a scam due to the fact that they don’t have the right education but the exceptional and quality education I got from MODERN SKILL ACADEMY, got me to a cruise level in my trading and I am consistently making profits from my trades. Am grateful to God for the leadership and mentorship from MSA”
Prince Obinna (Civil servant)

Discover the easy way to trade and earn in foreign currencies without losing your sleep

There are 12 modules that is covered in this course plus test at the end of each module to ensure proper understanding.

There will be twice a week live sessions, primarily for mentorship interaction and opportunity to earn money$ via copy trading

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